Arms of the Ocean by Jamie Webster and M. Dalto

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tristaine “Tris” has lived a hard life care giving for her drunken father. One night he makes a horrible decision and changes her life forever. His actions borne out of selfishness and greed causes Tris to act realizing her whole life was not at all what she thought it was. 
This gave me some vibes of Circe and Aquaman being fully immersed in a mythical underwater world. The characters were unique, strong and vulnerable.  There was earth shattering romance, intrigue, transformation, heartbreak, betrayal, abuse, reformation, and healing. 

I am excited to see more of this Realm and find out how important Tris is to this Realm and Inara! 

“And my release came upon me like the breakers upon the sea wall. He held onto me tight as the pleasure shuddered through my body, and he soon joined me in a burst of pure ecstasy. Once the swells subsided, I looked down upon him, breathless. Those blue eyes with just a tint of green were like waves crashing, watching me skeptically. “Who are you?” he inquired, a sandy hand running down the side of my cheek, tracing the gentle curvature of my face.”

Thank you for the ARC copy for an honest review! 

This book was so poetic and had beautiful imagery of the ocean. I am a great lover of the ocean and waves. I really felt like I was in the ocean and moving through the water. I was not familiar with selkie mythology so this was a very different shifting human type adventure. I loved the love story and it was on the mature side which I am comfortable with. There was a pretty horrible a-hole that had no redeeming qualities and since she was not human he was basically not treating her like one. But it made the rescue all the more sweet! There were some fun surprising characters that I will let you meet on our own! I can’t wait to go beat some Ember ass! Who did she go work with? And I’d like to see more of Loch!


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  1. Thank you for recommending this book, it seems very interesting

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