On Wings and Ash


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Ancient mythology from Greece and Rome has always fascinated me. This story felt like an excerpt from a day in the life in a village where all the magic of the ancient Gods still roamed and determined when the harvest would happen, if the sun would come out or if lightning would strike .

This was a interesting point of view read, from the POV of an immortal who lived in harmony with humans without their knowledge. Humans of that time were not accepting of any differences because it would upset the God’s (ok that hasn’t changed much to our times). I really enjoyed the characters and the unique storyline and creatures . Alessa was strong and had to endure a lot but had support from family and friends.

Since the POV was through a Pyx I’m hoping we can follow Alessa and Sara’s journey through another Pyx, I would enjoy that!

I didn’t mention Mathias in my Bookstagram post for some reason but he was a very striking character. I would be interested to hear more from him! Very understanding for a man/soldier in his time. He brought out the smolder and the protective chivalry when she needed it. Also, was man enough to make some tough decisions over his own honor.

Thank you for the Arc copy for an honest review.


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