The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

QOTD: Do you enter giveaways besides the lovely bookstagram giveaways?

A: Yes I win but keep saying I never win anything. Except things that would make a difference like the lotto or a brand new home!
“Ethan looks like he can’t decide if he wants to laugh or throw his fork at me.” LMAO So many quotes

Amy and Olive Torres are identical twins but complete opposites. As Amy somehow managed through giveaways and promos gotten her wedding and basically everything she does for free. Olive appears to be the bad luck charm. But at the wedding reception everyone comes down with food poisoning except her and the groom’s surly brother Ethan.
Lol I swear I am a mix of Amy winning lots of things and stacking discounts. We paid for our honeymoon stay at the Ritz in Maui with Marriott points. And Olive’s bad luck, feeling like I had a laugh track on my sitcomish 20s. I literally slipped down a steep hill in my heels like I was snowboarding while people clapped and cheered, then slipped on a banana peel crossing the street. Then that same week got serenaded on a muni platform. Also on our honeymoon we went snorkeling and about half the boat was on the lower half projectile vomiting off the boat (including my guy) it was def a rom com moment as I passed out with a towel on me in the sun on the second deck – sorry new hubby – yuck.

 “I always assumed my attraction was obvious. I wanted to translate your frowns and find out what your problem with me was and then bend you over the back of my couch.”I loved the chemistry and slow burn romance between these two characters. Though there were definitely awkward moments that happened and seriously people don’t believe that these things can happen but they do to some people. Be happy your life is not like this if this is not your normal lol. They keep getting thrust into these newlywed experiences and one of them is not mad about it. Honestly people I always scream at the books like just say something! What can happen you either get your pride crushed or you constantly wonder the rest of your life? Hmm I always ask. I think I strong armed my husband into dating me, shh he never noticed. They ran into two couples that made things really awkward but helped their relationship grow intro a real one by pretending to be married. 

There were some big reveals just from casual conversations between Ethan and Olive on their trip that revealed that her sister’s new husband was not as honest a partner as everyone thought. And as luck would have it no one believes Olive. I lost a friend because their boyfriend grabbed my butt and propositioned me and I told them. Why are relationships so precious a commodity that we even take the crappy ones and let go of the family and long time friend relationships for the new partner relationships? But it happens sadly! I had a friend just disappear for 6 months and when she started talking to me again she told me the guy she was dating didn’t like me and told her to stop talking to me, I think we call that a red flag but sure do what he says sweetie. We won’t talk about how all Gemini friends treat me like we are in a dating relationship when we are friends, is this an Aquarius problem? 3/3

I do appreciate that she was able to see the bigger picture and that her career was not what she wanted because of how happy Ethan was in his career. She was able to redirect and find something worth her while. 

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Steam: 🔥🔥🔥Recommend: If you enjoy a good buffet, couples massage, trip to Maui, enemies to lovers, then getting your heart broken and put back together. 😉 

Pictures from our sunrise tour at Mt. Haleakala. I really wanted to stay awake the tour guide was so interesting but it was so early and he sounded like Ben Stein I kept falling asleep lol


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