Ever After Always by Chloe Liese

A beautiful, sexy, authentic marriage love story that I recommend to everyone!_

QOTD: Who is your favorite author? A: not story/ post stalking @chloeleise that’s ridiculous .. shhhh be cool. No really pause and go check out her content on her page about inclusivity and own voices. You won’t be disappointed and follow her and read her books!

So I feel like I highlighted this whole ebook. I had full body chills for all different reasons. And I cried… (Edit a lot)

I found myself reading slower than usual so I wouldn’t miss anything cause there is so much. I feel like the tough parts of relationships get glossed over a lot in romances this made it so real. It was so authentic to how those relationships evolve and how the people in them grow and evolve with them. In ten, twenty, fifty years you will both be different people as you should but you have to make room for those new facets of each other in your relationship.

I think I listened to all the songs of each chapter 10 times, I was reading so slow to capture all the emotions and words. Seriously, can everyone do this. I need a curated playlist I loved all of these songs. I feel more with music. And I don’t think I listened to music in 2020 except Dua Lipa and Who Let the Dogs Out, don’t ask.

Viggo is the best and I will take all his book recommendations! I will also read any additional Bergman brother books and especially little sister Ziggy (I love her!). Ok I just saw that Axel is next and I’m so excited to get inside his grumpy head! That setup was amazing! You got me wanting more.

Things I love:

  • Song/chapter pairings
  • Disability rep with Frankie, Ryder, Ziggy, Alex and Aiden.
  • The vulnerabilities of real long term relationships after the honeymoon first love period
  • Exploring men’s emotions, actually giving them a full range of human emotions. It’s refreshing. But also having them be sexy as hell as they work through these feelings. These things are sexy! Being vulnerable and open is sexy and healthy!
  • Normalizing not completing
  • Normalizing mental health
  • Talking about how all these stressors can affect everything- Adding gorgeous sweet little babies to the mix that some couples want and the stress skyrockets. Having a baby is an easy decision for some, easy to conceive, easy to give birth, easy to raise and afford. But others it’s impossible but that doesn’t mean that couple didn’t try or want with all of their love to have that family.
  • Book boners

This book was so heartbreaking then it was so heartwarming, then it was so steamy. They luckily had the support they needed to not give up on their relationship and try. Communication is always key. That’s the rule in my marriage. Even though my poor hubby hears everything in my head,  he listens to the important bits I’m sure.

This book was cathartic for me. I feel the same way Freya does about her body. I came from a loving family with two parents who loved eachother fiercely. Luckily my husband’s parents are still together too. You can’t walk ever really walk in someone’s shoes. A lot of seemingly small things to a person is a huge thing to another. We need to be more caring and understanding of our fellows around us. Be more willing to give second chances when we make the wrong decisions in fear of failure or rejection. We would be a better society if we weren’t so quick to judge. (If you are in an abusive relationship do not give a second chance seek help, and I am always here if anyone needs to DM, good or bad)

Thank you @netgalley for the arc copy for my honest and voluntary review! โ˜บ๏ธ๐ŸŒด
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Buckle up for an emotional journey of hijinks, heartache, and a hot slow-burn in this marriage-in-crisis romance about going the distance to make love last.


Iโ€™ve spent twelve years loving Freya Bergman and twelve lifetimes wonโ€™t be enough to give her everything she deserves. Sheโ€™s my passionate, tender-hearted wife, my best friend, and all I want is to make her happy. But the one thing that will make her happiest is the one thing Iโ€™m not sure I can give her: a baby.

With the pressure of providing and planning for a family, my anxietyโ€™s at an all-time high, and I find myself pulling away, terrified to tell my wife how Iโ€™m struggling. But when Freya kicks me out, I realize that pulling back has turned into pushing too far. Now itโ€™s the fight of a lifetime to save our marriage.


I love my cautious, hard-working husband. Heโ€™s my partner and best friend, the person I know I can count on most. Until one day I realize the man I married is nowhere to be found. Now Aiden is quiet and withdrawn, and as the months wear on, the pain of our growing distance becomes too much. 

As if weathering marriage counseling wasnโ€™t enough, weโ€™re thrown together for an island getaway to celebrate my parentsโ€™ many years of perfect marriage while ours is on the brink of collapse. Despite my meddling siblings and a week in each otherโ€™s constant company, this trip somehow gets us working through the trouble in paradise. I just canโ€™t help worrying, when we leave paradise and return to the real world, will trouble find us again?

Ever After Always is a marriage-in-crisis, opposites-attract romance about a sensitive, fierce-loving woman and her resilient husband who has anxiety disorder. Complete with island vacation antics, a sibling prank gone wrong, and a steamy slow burn, this standalone is the third in a series of novels about a Swedish-American family of five brothers, two sisters, and their wild adventures as they each find happily ever after.


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