The Conjurer by Luanne G. Smith

This is the third book in the Vine Witch series. I have not read the first two books and I am sure it would have explained some of the established relationships but it didn’t ruin my experience or make me confused with this story.

We follow Sidra a jinn who is hiding from a wrongful murder accusation which would have meant immediate death if she hadn’t escaped. Now she is on the run and has another jinn that is tracking her for more than just killing his brother, her husband, he is looking for a relic.

She befriends a witch and a fairy when they are jailed together. This was a non-stop magical fantasy adventure of life and death with a lot of danger! I was definitely not expecting the ending since Jamra was closing in on them but you will have to find out what I mean.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thank you @netgalley and @47north for my honest and voluntary review!

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Sidra didn’t murder her husband. Yet even a jinni can’t wish away a wrongful imprisonment. Determined to prove her innocence, she returns to her adopted home—a French village renowned for its perfume witches—with her friends Elena and Yvette by her side. Here is where Sidra’s true destiny awaits, but danger also lurks in the village’s narrow lanes.

On her trail is Jamra, another jinni, who’s after more than revenge for the murder of his brother. He also seeks vengeance for the indignities inflicted on jinn by mortals over the centuries. When he learns of an ancient relic capable of unleashing chaos on the world, and that the weapon is in the hands of his murderous sister-in-law, he vows to destroy Sidra to get it.

Relying on a sisterhood of magic, a mysteriously faithful dog, and a second-rate sorcerer, Sidra defends herself using the village’s greatest asset: its perfume. It’s as beguiling a lure as it is a formidable shield. But is it enough for Sidra to protect herself and those she loves from powers yet to be released?


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