Time Travel for Love and Profit by Sarah Lariviere

QOTD: Would you time travel to redo an awkward year?
Time Travel for Love and Profit
Sarah Lariviere
Nephele Weather a brilliant but awkward Greek 15 year old just had the worst Freshman year.  Living in Northern California her parents own a bookshop. Her father handed her a copy of the book Time Travel for Love and Profit.

She gets a great idea to go back and redo her Freshman year. She figures out how she can make this work with the help of the book. It works but…. it doesn’t work. Having to redo her Freshman year, year after year as she tries to fix her quantum conundrum. 

This was definitely a fun read! I loved the authors note that she wrote the first draft right after having her baby, sitting in a cafe writing a draft while lactating through her shirt. Oh the ideas that came to me while I was on maternity leave! That sleep deprivation and extreme new love creates new eyes.

I don’t understand the science of it but found it fun to listen to her trials as she kept failing and making it worse. Everyone would forget her and she would have to start over again. Everyone moved ahead a year in their lives as she moved back a year. In the tenth iteration of her trial she did meet someone she fell in love with who on his own quirkiness helped her figure out what she had missed. Also had her asking if she wanted to go back.

This is always my question when I ask myself if I would go back and do it again. I would want all the knowledge I have now but then I wouldn’t have met the same people and I wouldn’t have my babies. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ (rounded to 4)

Thank you @netgalley and @knopfteen for advanced electronic copy for my honest and voluntary review.
Releases today January 26th!

Headband and scrunchie matched the coloring of the cover perfectly! Use code RADUS15 at https://twistedknotco.com/ to save. 


When Nephele has a terrible freshman year, she does the only logical thing for a math prodigy like herself: she invents a time travel app so she can go back and do it again (and again, and again).

Fourteen-year-old Nephele used to have friends. Well, she had a friend. That friend made the adjustment to high school easily, leaving Nephele behind in the process. And as Nephele looks ahead, all she can see is three very lonely years.

Nephele is also a whip-smart lover of math and science, so she makes a plan. Step one: invent time travel. Step two: go back in time, have a do-over of 9th grade, crack the code on making friends and become beloved and popular.

Does it work? Sort of. Nephele does travel through time, but not the way she planned–she’s created a time loop, and she’s the only one looping. And she keeps looping, for ten years, always alone. Now, facing ninth grade for the tenth time, Nephele knows what to expect. Or so she thinks. She didn’t anticipate that her new teacher would be a boy from her long ago ninth grade class, now a grown man; that she would finally make a new friend, after ten years. And, she couldn’t have pictured someone like Jazz, with his deep violet eyes, goofy magic tricks and the quietly intense way he sees her. After ten freshman years, she still has a lot more to learn. But now that she’s finally figured out how to go back, has she found something worth staying for?


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