The Love Square

#QOTD: What’s your favorite meet cute from a story? __ The Love Square Laura Jane Williams #arcreview Pub Date Feb 9, 2021 __

I enjoyed this romantic realistic story about Penny, a cafe owner in London who has a whirlwind romance but before she can go farther her Uncle gets sick and she is asked to help run his Pub out in the countryside, where she grew up. They decide to remain friends.

In the countryside, she ends up dating another guy from her former school which was very casual and he left for an extended work trip. Then she ended up dating an older wine merchant for a while. Her London friend asks if she needs a friend. Then all of a sudden all 3 of them are in the same place and she is dating them, which to be fair she was single and being casual. And honestly it would be ok if a guy was doing this i.e. Bachelor, Bachelorette shows. But two of them might have wanted a more serious relationship. So she has to take a step back and think about what she really wants in life. Which is a great question, some of us are on auto-pilot doing the societal norms, trying to get any attention but are we doing what is really in our hearts? Are we picking the right person for our hearts, our lives, our passions in lives or are we settling for the only person who is interested?

As a cancer survivor Penny had been trying to figure out timing with doing surrogacy with her sister who offered. She had frozen and fertlilzed her embryos at her doctors recommendation since she really wanted to be a mother. But this was something she put on hold for relationships seeing if they would be compatible. I liked how she took a step back and made choices for herself and then the romance with the one of the 3 at the end was very sweet. 

There were a lot of mistakes, misunderstandings, hard choices, sweet moments, steamy moments. They were harsh with each other, they ignored each other, but they came back to each other because they were who they wanted to be with. It is a lovely realistic hard love story. Definitely the tragic lifecycle of dating is represented. I could never date more than 1 person at a time in my dating days cause I would end up at the same place at the same time. That reminds me of a mortifying moment that happened right before I fell asleep – I wonder what happened between the two guys that tried to hold me hand but they ended up touching each other’s hands. hmmm. 

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Thank you NetGalley and Avonbooks for the arc for my honest and voluntary review. 


She’s single. But it can still be complicated…

Penny Bridge has always been unlucky in love.

So she can’t believe it when she meets a remarkable new man.

Followed by another.

And then another

And all of them want to date her.

Penny has to choose between three. But are any of them The One?

The bestselling author of Our Stop will have you laughing, crying and cheering Penny on in this funny and feel-good exploration of hope, romance and the trust it takes to finally fall in love. Perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane’s If I Never Met You and Beth O’Leary’s The Flatshare.


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