Love and Lockdown by Alyce Caswell


Pub date 3/4/21

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐💫

I have been wondering what a romance set during the pandemic might look like. Though this one started off as fictional even in the story but with a little bit of enemies to lovers and forced proximity it turned into more. Angela and Colin are neighbors and don’t necessarily get along. Colin, a radio DJ, needs to find material for his show and sees Angela upset outside so goes to social distance to see if she’s ok as his RAOK that he can talk about. Instead finds out she is about to be evicted so he invites her to stay in his spare room. In pitch meetings with his other DJ hosts they now think it would be a great idea for him to start a romance with her for his segment.

He really did think outside the box trying to find original content when they weren’t allowed to leave their homes. Though tbh I don’t think he was going out much prior.This was a cute romance. I think he had his eye on her before this whole situation happened and his subconscious helped move it along. Angela is super snarky and doesn’t give him an inch at all in all her fruit colored jumpers. She set some reasonable ground rules and he agreed to them. So when he broke them and she found out about some other iffy looking stuff he had to try to win her back.

This story is full of romance writing and radio lingo. There’s human need of interaction even when there’s forced separation worldwide. Everyone was wanting to hear more of their fictional romance as their actual romance was growing.

I liked that this kept to the pandemic narrative it was very strict in what could be done and where I live it’s still in orange tier so it’s not much different, ugh. I also love when it’s two person POV so you can tell what they are both thinking not what each are assuming. 

Thank you booksgosocial and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review. 

Note: I saw people writing weird comments about how they didn’t like how she was so strict with the social distancing and bringing up all the rules. But to be fair this appears to be set in April-May 2020 when there was a TP and mask shortage. So this was the mentality for a lot of people and this was in a diff country so diff rules.We had helicopters flying around with speakers telling people to stay inside around that time so its def different now.
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Angela wouldn’t usually be caught dead within two metres of Colin Cooper—and that was before a global pandemic broke out—but she’s just been evicted and he’s offered her his spare room for free. Except Colin’s not exactly a knight in shining armour. He only helped her out because he needed a good deed to talk about on his radio show.

Colin soon finds himself ranting about Angela while on the air, but luckily his listeners love hearing about her. It’s a classic case of forced proximity and they want more! In order to please them (okay, mostly to please his boss), Colin must now turn his new situation into a serialised romance, something he has no idea how to do. He turns to Angela, a huge fan of romance novels, for help.

Angela accepts, mostly because she feels indebted to Colin—and also because she’s always wanted to write her own stories. But she’s never tried putting pen to paper before. Can she and Colin create a believable romance in the middle of a lockdown?

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