Wicked Crown by Angelina Steffort


QOTD: Do you wait to read a series till it’s finished or read it as soon as possible?
Wicked Crown
Angelina J. Steffort
The second in the Shattered Kingdom series is just as engaging as the first.  As Gandrett and Nehelon return to her home after their last mission and find it not the way she expected.

They return to Sives to find an event that has brought an envoy from each kingdom in the land to celebrate the Solstice.

I am so happy to be back in this land. I love these different characters! Nehelon, Brax and Armand. Gandrett’s fierceness as she is still learning about her powers. And Addie as she heals and becomes whole again. There is some steaminess! So close!! I guess there are things in the past that are going to be hard to get over.

We also get more secrets revealed about characters into their path since this is a multi pov style book which I love you can get in all their heads!

Some gnarly new (old) villain appears to try to take over and we thought everything was fine with… man I can’t ruin book 1. Lol reviewing second books are hard! 

I read and reviewed Shattered Kingdom which is the first in the series last year which you can look for that book in my feed. 

I will read the 3rd book soon which came out last month! It’s called Shadow Rule. That sounds ominous!

Thank you for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review!

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She saved her enemy. Now she must save the future of Sives.
All Gandrett ever wanted was to go home. Now, that there is no home for her to return to, Gandrett must decide whether she still wants to be a Child of Vala—if the goddess has forsaken her.
While she is still learning to control her magic, an old cult rises in Sives, estranging Gandrett further from her goddess and threatening the future of the kingdom.
As if this isn’t enough, temptation is not just in the thought of vengeance. It is also in the diamond-blue eyes of Nehelon Sterngrove.
In this sequel to Shattered Kingdom, Gandrett steps back into the service of House Brenheran to protect the future of Sives.

Also in this series:

1. Shattered Kingdom
2. Wicked Crown
3. Shadow Rule (Spring 2021)


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