The Devil’s Own by Liana LeFey


Q: Do you like a twin swap?
The Devil’s Own
Liana LeFey
Pub Date: June 14, 2021
A historical twin swap! How delightful!

Reverend Daniel Wayward has found some unwanted attention from a parishioner, Miss Mary, who has set her sights on him.

His twin brother Devlin is visiting from London and hears this and decides to help him out by dressing as him and letting her down gently only to break his leg. Now he’s stuck in this masquerade.

Daniel is very upset since Devlin is a rakehell that owns gambling hells in London and this can’t end well. But seeing no other way out that won’t destroy their families reputation and his position he’s agreed. Daniel sets off to pretend to be him while he stays on as the vicar in this sleepy town.

Only to find that the more he tries to deter her the more he develops feelings for her. He keeps trying to get her to not like Daniel but Devlin is very interested. 

I love a good unraveling of a twin swap and this one is a doozy. I was worried she would have to marry the wrong twin for a second but I’m giving a lot away.

Would you be able to trust someone that tricked you or trust that the love you felt was real? 

Thank you entangled publishing and net galley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

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All hell breaks loose, when the devil falls in love with an angel.

Lord Devlin Wayward, gambler and dedicated rake, returns home for the first time in years, and lands himself and his identical twin, Daniel, the good reverend, in deep trouble. Devlin ends up with a broken leg and unable to travel to London, yet he must return. He’s got an important deal that will make or break his fortune. He persuades the reluctant reverend to take his place in London while he temporarily minds his brother’s flock.

Miss Mary Tomblin is taken with the devastatingly handsome reverend. He represents everything she desires in a husband, after narrowly evading a ruthless rake last Season. Mary knows she’ll make him an excellent wife, but the vicar rebuffs every advance – until he suddenly accepts her help with pastoral duties while his broken leg heals. Mary seizes the chance to show the good reverend what an excellent helpmeet she will be.

The devil takes on the role of village vicar and discovers it’s nowhere near as easy as he imagined—especially when he falls in love with an angel who mistakes him for a saint.


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