Tell Me When It’s Over by B. Celeste


Q: Do you prefer to read indoors or outdoors?
Tell Me When It’s Over
B. Celeste
This was definitely a slow burn romance which started as a platonic friendship. 

Kyler Bishop started his career in a boyband and quit to start his solo career. His father didn’t have the best track record for fidelity so when Leighton shows up with her mother Catherine insisting he is the father and has paperwork, they move in and become part of the family.

Lenny as they call her gets a loving big brother and sister while their parents are pretty toxic in their own ways. We learn at least Lenny’s mom has some mental health issues that if they had been diagnosed earlier she thinks they could have had a different relationship, but hindsight can make you think those things.

This book goes between the time she moved in at age 12 to now, when she is 19 and a big life event happened where she is moving back in with Kyler.

In the current time frame she is attending college while living with Kyler and dating for the first time. Kyler has mixed feelings since he has always had feelings for her and now that she’s not actually his blood relation he’s trying to resist his feelings. Lenny also has always had a crush on him since he is like every girl’s heartthrob poster on the wall though she did like his competition a little better. What will happen if they both realize they feel the same way?

If you like slow burn romance, friends to lovers, steaminess you will enjoy this one!

Thank you @authorbceleste, @BookSparks, and @podiumaudio for the audiobook for my honest and voluntary review. I am excited to be on the #SRC2021 audiobook track!


I was twelve years old when I met one of the world’s hottest celebrities.

Thirteen when I was welcomed into his family.

Fourteen when I realized what his unconditional love felt like.

Fifteen when he helped me figure out what hope was.

And sixteen when my mother’s biggest lie changed our lives forever.

I swore I would never be like the woman whose chronic lies impacted everybody around her, but then I’d be a hypocrite.

Because three years after the truth came out, and I reunited with the boy whose innocent love had been taken from me, I realized I was living the biggest lie of all.

The one where I pretended I wasn’t in love with Kyler Bishop.


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