The Dating Playbook by Farrah Rochon

Q: What books do you love with positive female relationships?
The Dating Playbook
Farrah Rochon
Pub Date: 8/17/2021
This is the 2nd in the series and I enjoyed the Boyfriend Project!. The viral video of the 3 ladies that turned them into hopefully lifelong friends. Nothing like a horrific dating experience to help form some friendships. I just love positive female relationships and these 3 are always trying to help eachother out and lift eachother up. Those are the best types of characters, not the selfish, greedy, backstabbing or jealous girls we usually see when faced with the same situation in other places.

Taylor was hoping that the viral video would help boost her personal trainer company but she hasn’t had any luck and with  Samiah  and her success with her job and app and London and being a Doctor she is feeling bad about herself.

She decides to do a pop-up fitness class and Jamar Dixon shows up to her class and she does her signature boot camp and he definitely wants her to help train him now. Jamar is fully recovered from a career ending injury to his knee but he wants a second chance and he thinks she can help him get back in shape.

I love Taylor, she is a firecracker as they say, she’s full of energy and competition. She’s bright and happy and full of life. But she is struggling and has been her whole life with things that are simple for everyone else it seems. Her family is so successful and school has been so hard and lately without a degree opportunities have been being taken away.

I am definitely a fan of the fake relationship trope especially when there is mutual attraction and they both aren’t sharing that they are both attracted for their own reasons. Something like alcohol, or close proximity, or something else fun always gives away the secret. Yes these two get steamy! 

I enjoyed reading this one with  @lovearctually this month!

I can’t wait for London’s book in March 2022. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫

Thank you readforeverpub and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


When a personal trainer agrees to fake date her client, all rules are out the window in this delightful romantic comedy from the USA Today bestselling author of The Boyfriend Project!

When it comes to personal training, Taylor Powell kicks serious butt. Unfortunately, her bills are piling up, rent is due, and the money situation is dire. Taylor needs more than the support of her new best friends, Samiah and London. She needs a miracle.

And Jamar Dixon might just be it. The oh-so-fine former footballer wants back into the NFL, and he wants Taylor to train him. There’s just one catch — no one can know what they’re doing. But when they’re accidentally outed as a couple, Taylor’s game plan is turned completely upside down. Is Jamar just playing to win . . . or is he playing for keeps?


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