Sacrificed by Jacklyn Daher


TITLE: Sacrificed
AUTHOR: Jacklyn Daher
GENRES: YOUNG ADULT FICTION, Fantasy, Magical Realism


Death. Destruction. Devastation.

Since Luxor Everstone Unveiled she has suffered these, and a great deal more. Except now it’s taken a new causality. Her voice. Heartbroken and lost, her mind has been shattered, but not her fiery spirit. The only way to exact revenge and to right all wrongdoings is to train to lose greater control.

Meanwhile, chaos reigns from all directions. A common evil lurks with a new agenda, Nephilims are being brutally slain, and an infection spreads, turning humans feral.

Closer to home love and family collide, as revelations come to light, throwing Luxor’s life into disarray. Worse still, Cane has greater access and taunts her at every opportunity to evoke her darkness.

To succeed in finding answers and maintaining her sanity, important choices must be made, and the collateral damage will be monumental.

Was it better to remain silent and in control, or let her inner demon out?


If you read the first two books you know that Luxor and her crew have been fighting Cane and other lesser demons and trying to stay safe from him. In the 2nd book there was a pretty epic battle at the end which resulted in Luxor losing a lot by way of friendships and trust of a important relationship.

I found it interesting that Luxor for how strong and powerful she is, she is still vulnerable and can only take so much before she breaks. She starts the book getting her strength back but also traumatized by what’s happened. She’s mourning the loss of her friend which is totally normal but also she seems like the friend is pretty close. I wouldn’t mind if she came back as a ghost. That would be a cool asset on your team. Do ghosts have rules, idk?

She’s relying on her familiar Pandora and Becky for support and to keep up with training.Also, our dear friend Xavier is back being super friendly and helpful (red flag).

As she is trying to get back outside since she’s been recuperating she’s noticed town is different. The Hive has new ownership, there’s new faces, the Renaissance Centre is different.

I loved all the new characters which ended up becoming part of the team from the Renaissance Centre. They were all different with different abilities and degrees of nephilim power. Also, Stel though he’s a bit crazy he’s definitely a fun part of this story.

We get some more back stories with Cane, Orion and Astrid. Which introduce Stel but also explains more of Cane’s plan. Also, how special Luxor is because of who Astrid really is!  Luxor even gets to experience her Astrid’s memories as her which would be incredible.

Scarlett and Meredith are still being the perfect vapid bishes. Although Scarlett gets some added power in this book and Meredith gets into an interesting partnership with someone. Thanks Aunt Meredith! As if life wasn’t hard enough. 

I had a blast exploring Mirabili even though she was not there by choice but getting to start to explore outside of their realm and meet different types of magical beings was great! Can’t wait to see where we get to go next in the realms!

Hunter had been away in the beginning on the book and when he came back was being a bit of a tool. He was in a relationship with Scarlett, ew really. Totally breaking my heart, Huxor forever! They ended up talking it out, they do go together like Skittles and apples. Perfect soulmates!

So that cliffhanger!!!!

Hunter! 🔥🔥



Luxor you got some explaining to do! Did you leave a note?!

This book had a lot of action and there were so many things going on, but it wasn’t hard to follow. It had good pacing and transitions and we just kept uncovering new mysteries or trouble! Go pick up this book today or Unveiled and start the series! 

Thank you to the author for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.



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