My Body is a Big Fat Temple by Alena Dillon


Q: If you are a Mom did anything about pregnancy or birth take you by surprise? Ie pregnancy induced carpal tunnel, mesh diapers, recovery, etc
Or are you or do you know a mom, I have a book for you.. See below
My Body is a Big Fat Temple
Alena Dillon
This book is hilarious in it’s realness, rawness and absolute truth! And this may not be everyone’s experience through pregnancy, birth and post birth.

I really did appreciate in the beginning the part where she asked the doctor why no one ever told her that birth was like this and she said the doctor said well then women wouldn’t have babies or something else callous. Well excuse me what!?! The most traumatic event your body does naturally and you can’t at least educate us in a useful way. They romanticize the heck out of it and police the hell out of our bodies but they don’t even explain anything about it. I didn’t even understand ovulating until my second one. My first one was surprisingly easy to conceive I thought that it would take years within a month of our pregnancy and trying we were good. I’m like oh well years of worrying I was infertile were wasted. What else can I worry about? No fear here comes a billion new things.

This book fills in a gap that What to Expect, a truly horrible parenting book btw leaves. That book does not help in any sort of way it gives you all the worst case scenarios and the agencies to call it’s a good resource for that. But no real life physical case studies. And as women we are taught to not speak our our bodies, our cycles, anything to do with our reproductive system. lol ok I don’t do that I always talk about it all to everyone. If my husband even began to say i dont want to know about your period (which he never has) i would yell back I never asked to suffer this. HE actually scours the internet for these green pads that they used to have at target that I like. And he always asks if I need a restock lol, he’s a great man.
I feel like all women should start a wiki and add in their experiences so when a new mother gets pregnant she can search and then read about what that mom did to cope. Cause you know there is no same experience, some have regular births, emergency births, babies born with birth defects, and the more horrible outcomes which my first was almost one.

“Mother of two tired” yes that is a level. I can’t tell you how many times I lol’d and read parts outloud that my husband also laughed at. This book is a gem and I will definitely need recommending to my friends especially my friends wanting to be mom’s! 5⭐

✨Pic is how diff my 2 pregnancies were almost Emerg C-section and 8 day late vbac. My first taught me that I was not in control. My 2nd I had in a haze of grief as my Dad had passed when I was at 6 months so I don’t even remember that pregnancy with joy or anything. But when she came out with her perfect french tips she just stared at me in her little plastic sleeper, side by side with me, like she had knew me my whole life and I knew my Dad had been holding her those 8 days and telling her about me. I always tell my 1st that she was early cause she wanted to meet him. They were best friends, she’s still really sad.

Thank you alenadillon letstalkbooks and netgalley for my gifted copy for my honest and voluntary review.


“Alena Dillon is one of my favorite writers and to read her journey through pregnancy is a great joy and heartbreak.” – Amy Schumer
My Body Is A Big Fat Temple, a memoir of pregnancy and early motherhood, follows a writer as she debates having children, miscarries, faces morning sickness, uncertainty, physical impairments, labor, breastfeeding, the “baby blues,” the heartache of not loving her son as she thinks she should, parenting through a plague, until finally (basically, mostly) blossoming into her new identity.

The undertaking of creating life is airbrushed to preserve the ideal of motherhood, and exacerbated by a culture that dictates what women can do and how they should feel. We don’t get the full story, so mothers with unromantic experiences feel like aberrations, and worse, alone. This is why the voices of women matter. The voices of mothers matter. Here’s one to remind you of the important things.

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