The Christmas Dress by Courtney Cole

Q: What color do you have the most books of?
Christmas Dress
By Courtney Cole
Are you excited for the holidays and holiday books?

This book was so cute and had all the fun holiday goodwill I love!

Meg Julliard is in fashion in NY but after her father’s death she has to return to Chicago to take care of the building he owned that is now hers. The building needs so much help. But there is a hottie handyman that helped out her Dad and is kind to all the retiree tenants.

She is trying to find a way to keep the building from falling apart and keep the tenants there. Surprisingly, they find out this building has an interesting history and might be saved as a historical building.

All the while there is a dress that was shared by a tenant named Ellie with a one that got a way story. She gives this beautiful dress to her hoping she will make good memories with it since she thinks it’s magical.

I just loved Ellie’s love story as well as Meg’s.  They were so sweet. Meg had a lot of decisions to make and needed to learn to trust. Ellie ran away when she was young and wanted Meg to learn from her mistakes.

I would love to see some classic 1930s-40s dresses of great quality being mass produced for evening wear instead of disposable few time wear clothes, no offense. (I break things easily, if you ever need anyone to test durability send it to me, I unreasonably break things, esp when I’m careful)

I can’t wait for the holidays and the crisp air, Sylvie’s Christmas sweaters and hot cocoa.

I hope to find a magic dress this holiday season. Do you believe in holiday magic?

Thank you williammorrowbooks and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


An enchanted Christmas dress brings two generations of women together for the magic of the season in this delightful holiday story from author Courtney Cole. 

One Dress. Two Women. The Magic of the Holiday Season.

When hopeful fashionista Meg Julliard must return to her hometown of Chicago to manage her late father’s apartment building, she thinks her dreams of making it in the fashion business are over. Add in her father’s eclectic roster of tenants who all need Meg’s attention (ASAP!), a host of building related disasters, and a handsome handyman she keeps embarrassing herself in front of, and this has all the makings for the worst Christmas she’s ever had.

Ellie Wade, one of the building’s longtime residents, is also not feeling the Christmas Joy this year. She is preparing to move into a nursing home (reluctantly), and is in the process of sorting through her belongings to downsize. Every corner of her apartment holds memories, some good, some bad. But there’s one dress she hesitates to pack up as it represents both the best and worst night of her life.

Ellie and Meg strike up an unlikely friendship and the story of Ellie’s dress comes out. Ellie gifts the gorgeous dress to Meg, hoping that it will bring her more luck, on the condition that she wear it to the building’s Christmas party.

The dress magically fits, and while it eventually leads to the best night of Meg’s life, it also acts as inspiration for Meg to follow a life-long dream of her own, a dream that will help save the crumbling Parkview West, and restore it to its former glory, and keep it as a safe home for all of the current tenants.

The dress and the magic of the holiday season helps both Meg and Ellie find their own happy endings. 

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