Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Sophie Cousens

Q: Do you have a sweet meet cute? 
Just Haven’t Met You Yet
by Sophie Cousens
Pub Date: 11/9/21
My husband and I met through our co-ed biz frat which coincidentally today is

Founders day. The event I met him at he was wearing a suit and looked way older than the guys I dated and he teased way too much I just wrote him off (apparently he was flirting). So when I was interested at another event he ignored me. 🤦‍♀️

Laura Le Quesne, reports for Love Life—‘ Love what you buy, buy what you love.’” is their slogan. She reports on people’s love stories and how they met.

She pitches to her boss her own parents story about a coin that they each had found a half and that’s how they met and fell in love.

Though traveling to the Channel islands she picks up the wrong bag and meets a grumpy taxi driver. Putting her on the path of her own love story. She may have looked in his bag and since she thought it was her own and snooped. Would you want a relationship that feels like it’s destiny or one that is more complicated and organic and completely unexpected? It all depends on timing and chemistry I guess😉 And meeting her father’s family and hearing new details from the past with the help of her new friend Ted the taxi driver and all the pics she brought with her of her parents.

Loved the Tiger Woman book that was interspersed that she was reading that her friend recommended to empower her. She gained a lot of confidence even if you think you know things hearing them written out just makes things click sometimes. 

Ted was such a grump but for good reason and Laura’s little luggage adventure trying to find the mystery dream guy really helped bring him back from that limbo he had been stuck in with his Castaway beard.

So many funny and sweet moments especially with moving Ted’s father who was needing more care in his old age. I love when real life is added to stories of love.

Thank you putnambooks and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


From the New York Times bestselling author of This Time Next Year comes a heartwarming and hilarious tale that asks: What if you pick up the wrong suitcase in an airport, only to fall head over heels for its unseen owner?

Laura’s business trip to the Channel Islands isn’t exactly off to a great start. After unceremoniously dumping everything in her bag in front of the most attractive man she’s ever seen in real life, she arrives at her hotel only to realize she’s grabbed the wrong suitcase from the airport. Her only consolation? The irresistibly appealing contents of the case: a copy of her favorite book; piano music; and a rugged, heavy knit fisherman sweater only a Ryan Gosling lookalike could pull off. The owner of this suitcase is Laura’s dream man–she’s sure of it. Now, all she has to do is find him.

The mix-up seems written in the stars. After all, what are the odds that she’d find The One on the same remote island where her mom and dad had first fallen in love, especially as she sets out to write an article about their epic romance? Commissioning surly cab driver Ted to ferry her around seems like her best bet in both tracking down the mystery suitcase owner and retracing her parents’ footsteps. And if beneath Ted’s gruffness lies a wit that makes their cab rides strangely entertaining, so much the better. But as Laura’s long-lost luggage soulmate proves difficult to find–and as she realizes that the love story she’s held on a pedestal all her life might not have been that perfect–she’ll have to rethink her whole outlook on love to discover what she really wants.


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