The Seventh Queen by Greta Kelly


Thank you tlcbooktours, harpervoyagerus, and gretakkelly for the gifted copy and for including me on this tour. This cover is just as beautiful as the first!! This book was amazing!

Q: If you had a magic power/gift what would it be? I would want to be able to teleport.

This is the 2nd in the Frozen Crown series as Askia has even more obstacles to overcome now that she is in Roven.

The magic system is so interesting and we learn way more about its structure and source in this one. Though Radovan has tried to cripple Askia’s power she is still more powerful than he knows. The addition of the ghosts of wives past was an added The Real Housewives of the Roven Empire vibe, just kidding it was way darker and you know those ladies get dark! There was more intrigue and power grabbing and fear mongering and fantasy magic! 

After the gasp-inducing cliffhanger ending of The Frozen Crown, the exciting conclusion to the epic story of Askia—a warrior, witch, and queen-to-be—as she confronts the monster that stole her throne…and is holding her prisoner to steal her magic.

The Empire of Vishir has lost its ruler, and the fight to save Seravesh from the Roven Empire is looking bleak. Moreover, Askia has been captured by power-hungry Emperor Radovan, who plans on making her his wife simply so he can take her magic as his own, killing her in the process. Aware of his ex-wives’ fates, Askia must find a means of avoiding this doom, not only for the sake of Seravesh, but now for Vishir as well. She must put both nations first and remember Ozura’s advice: you must play the game in order to survive. Askia was born a soldier, but now it’s time to become a spy.

But it’s hard to play a game where the only person who knows the rules wants to kill her.

And time is a factor. The jewel Radovan has put around her neck will pull her power from her in thirty days. Worse, Vishir might not even have that long, as the two heirs to the throne are on the verge of civil war. Without any hope for help from the south, without any access to her magic, alone in a hostile land, Askia is no closer to freeing her people than she was when she fled to Vishir. In the clutches of a madman, the only thing she’s close to is death.

Yet she’d trade her life for a chance to save Seravesh. The problem: she may not have that choice. 


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