Without a Hitch by Mary Hollis Huddleston; Asher Fogle Paul

Q: What is the weirdest thing you have seen at a wedding?
Without a Hitch
by Mary Hollis Huddleston; Asher Fogle Paul
Pub Date: 12/7/2021
✨Sweet Home Alabama meets Emily in Paris in this hilarious romp through the world of extravagant southern weddings.

This was a fun look behind the scenes of wedding planning. I planned my own wedding and it was so much fun but jeez it was a lot of work. I would have loved to have million dollar budget also would rather spend it on the honeymoon, lol 

Lottie Jones is an promising talent at a prestigious wedding planning company for the rich and famous. We get to follow her behind the scenes as she plans and helps put together some ridiculous and extravagant weddings. 

She is also navigating the dating scene with one guy that is really interested in her and one guy that flirts but is complicated.  Then she has to plan her college ex boyfriends wedding who is now a NFL player. This forces her to reflect on all her life choices since college.

This story was definitely self discovery for Lottie but such a fun journey through so many weddings.

Thank you harpermusebooks and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

🍾Ornaments- the one on the left was a place marker for a holiday wedding. Mine broke when it fell off the front of my dress. 

The one on the right is our wedding invitation inside a ornament. I cut it and curled it. Pinterest win!


Sweet Home Alabama meets Emily in Paris in this hilarious romp through the world of extravagant southern weddings.

When floundering and unlucky-in-love twentysomething Lottie Jones lands a new career as a wedding planner at a top-tier boutique event firm, she begins navigating a cutthroat workplace specializing in over-the-top details, unlimited budgets, and a broad spectrum of taste. Whether planning for parachute landings or wrangling intoxicated groomsmen, she has her hands full at every million-dollar wedding she helps organize.

After her boss announces he’s opening a new office, Lottie sees her chance to finally carve out her place—and earn an income that justifies her dating app subscription fees. The weddings get bigger, the clients get wilder, the mishaps get funnier, and the stakes get higher. And Lottie’s forced to discover what she’ll risk for love and how far she’ll go to find herself.

Set against the glamorous, ruthless world of high-end Southern weddings and inspired by real events in the authors’ lives, Without a Hitch is a hilarious romp about taking ownership, facing fears, planning your ex-boyfriend’s wedding, and choosing a happy ending that wasn’t what you once expected.

Praise for Without a Hitch:

Without a Hitch is a delightfully quirky novel that proves the age-old adage ‘We plan, God laughs.’ Filled with fascinating insights into the world of high-end wedding planning, you can’t help but cheer for Lottie Jones as she learns that you can’t script your life and that, sometimes, the best laid plans are the ones you never make.” —Emily Giffin, #1 New York Times bestselling author of All We Ever Wanted and The Lies that Bind

“Put a ring on Without a Hitch—a sweet, Southern confection of a book about what it takes to orchestrate everyone else’s happily ever after when your own heart has been broken. This sneak peek into the world of high-end wedding planning will keep you laughing as Lottie deconstructs the fairy tale and finds her authentic self.” —Jodi Picoult, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wish You Were Here and The Book of Two Ways

Without a Hitch is a must read. It is absolutely fabulous. As someone who works in the wedding industry, I found this book’s brevity, humor, and the glamorous over-the-top world of Southern Weddings a true joy to read. This is the book you will be gifting to all your friends!” —Mindy Weiss, bestselling author of The Wedding Book

Stand-alone novel
Book length: 106,000 words
Includes discussion questions for book clubs


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