How to Deceive a Duke by Samara

Q: Do you participate in readathons?

I have my monthly 3 day readathon this weekend. I usually get competitive and try to get more reading done which helps since 1/25 is a big pub day! This book is publishing on 1/25, check it out!
How to Deceive a Duke
by Samara Parish
Pub Date: 1/25/22
Edward and Fiona met and fell in love and wanted to get married. Everything seemed like a young person’s dream until Edward heard of his cousin’s wife’s death. His cousin the Viscount who married a shop girl who the ton ate alive and she just couldn’t take their insults. Oh yes Edward is a Duke but pretty sure he was pretending to be just a young man and broke it off with Fiona before she could get hurt by his contemporaries. This and a scandal from his father forces his attitude and personality to be very rigid and family first.

Fast forward 5 years and Fiona is attempting to find a manufacturer for her new invention and gets arrested while attending a rally for equality, as you do. Edward is told of it and bails her out then is forced to keep her or him actually since she was dressed as a man paroled at his house until the trial.

What fun can ensue when she is dressing as a man trying to get backers for her project wanting no help from him who she is not happy she is stuck with. His brother and sister are the best as they fall for the ruse, then assist when things get tricky with her father who is getting into all sorts of trouble.

I enjoyed when Edward finally let loose lol. But whatever happened to the Dowager Duchess? Is she off licking her wounds somewhere, she was a nasty bit of fluff. I can’t wait to read about Charlotte, Edward’s sister’s story.

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Thank you @readforeverpub for the gifted copy!

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Fiona McTavish is an engineer, a chemist, a rebel—and no one’s idea of a proper lady. She prefers breeches to ballrooms, but her new invention—matches—will surely turn as many heads. There’s just a little matter of her being arrested for a crime she didn’t commit. And the only person she can turn to for help is the man who broke her heart years ago.

Edward Stirling, Duke of Wildeforde, will do anything to restore his family’s name and put his father’s scandalous death behind them. But when Fiona needs his help getting released from prison, he can’t deny her—even though it means she must live with him as a condition of her freedom. With the desire between them rekindling as fast as the gossip about their arrangement is spreading among the ton, Edward will have to choose what matters most to him—his reputation or his heart.


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