Cherish Farrah by Bethany C Morrow

Cherish Farrah
by Bethany C. Morrow
Pub Date – 2/8/22

I started this book then I got sick and the main character was just messing with my head so much so I put it down lol. I’m glad I went back and finished it though.

It was not what I was expecting, it was so trippy. This had some strange occurrences happening in the Whitman’s house. Though Farrah whose the only one narrating the story is in control, she’s is Cherish’s best friend and she is the best thing for her. Or that’s what she leads us to believe.

Everything Farrah thinks is happening might be happening but there is something else going on.

This is somewhat of a retelling but I can’t tell you of what without giving it away. Wow it was intense!

Thank you penguinrandomhouse and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

❓ What’s the last book you read outside your comfort genre that surprised you?


Named A Most Anticipated Book of 2022 by *PopSugar* *Medium* *BookRiot* *BookPage* CrimeReads* Tor Nightfire* Bookshop* *Book Talk* BiblioLifestyle* and more!

From bestselling author Bethany C. Morrow comes a new adult social horror novel in the vein of Get Out meets My Sister, the Serial Killer, about Farrah, a young, calculating Black girl who manipulates her way into the lives of her Black best friend’s white, wealthy, adoptive family but soon suspects she may not be the only one with ulterior motives. . . .

Seventeen-year-old Farrah Turner is one of two Black girls in her country club community, and the only one with Black parents. Her best friend, Cherish Whitman, adopted by a white, wealthy family, is something Farrah likes to call WGS–White Girl Spoiled. With Brianne and Jerry Whitman as parents, Cherish is given the kind of adoration and coddling that even upper-class Black parents can’t seem to afford–and it creates a dissonance in her best friend that Farrah can exploit. When her own family is unexpectedly confronted with foreclosure, the calculating Farrah is determined to reassert the control she’s convinced she’s always had over her life by staying with Cherish, the only person she loves–even when she hates her.

As troubled Farrah manipulates her way further into the Whitman family, the longer she stays, the more her own parents suggest that something is wrong in the Whitman house. She might trust them–if they didn’t think something was wrong with Farrah, too. When strange things start happening at the Whitman household–debilitating illnesses, upsetting fever dreams, an inexplicable tension with Cherish’s hotheaded boyfriend, and a mysterious journal that seems to keep track of what is happening to Farrah–it’s nothing she can’t handle. But soon everything begins to unravel when the Whitmans invite Farrah closer, and it’s anyone’s guess who is really in control.

Told in Farrah’s chilling, unforgettable voice and weaving in searing commentary on race and class, this slow-burn social horror will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

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