Kamila Knows Best by Farah Heron


☔Kamila Knows Best☔
by Farah Heron
Pub Date- 3/8/22
This was giving me so many Emma vibes before I realized it was a “Jane Austen’s Emma goes Bollywood” so perfect! Emma is my favorite of Austen’s novel I love all the movies and the adaptations like Clueless and am so happy with this version!! Oh Rohan (Mr Knightley, Josh)!

Kamila is a bright dressing, bubbly, effervescent, dog purse wearing accountant. Apparently this makes her the most unserious of the serious business people. I can relate lol.

Her family friend that stepped up to help run her father’s firm when his health declined humors her and is always at their house.

Kamila has her hand in everything taking on new clients, volunteering with puppies, planning fundraisers, hosting Bollywood nights, matchmaking, managing her dog Darcy’s tik tok and ig account.  She is busy and it seems that everyone has underestimated her greatly! 

She flirts shamelessly with everyone but starts to catch feelings for one person though she is sure he can’t possibly return her feelings. Ok there is so much happening and family drama. And omg all the food! You even put a Chicken Biryani for Beginners recipe at the end!! Thank you for that will try to convince my husband to make it for me! 

I loved all the different relationships in this and there was some toxic and some great! And some learned not to make huge life decisions for others without asking. Communication is key but it goes both ways.

I loved the mental health rep especially for the father since there is a stigma for the older generation to seek help but it doesn’t mean you are weak. Asking for help and learning to manage, can make you stronger.

❓ What is the weather like where you are?

I’m continuing to be cold at 53 degrees lol. I’m trying to wear my sandals I just got a pedicure ok.

Thank you netgalley and grandcentralpub for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

🌦️#playbooker prompt- Pick 5 to 10 titles and write them down. Use a random generator to choose your book

✨I work at a CPA firm too luckily my firm is largely female


Kamila Hussain’s life might not be perfect, but, whew, it’s close. She lives a life of comfort, filled with her elaborate Bollywood movie parties, a dog with more Instagram followers than most reality stars, a job she loves, and an endless array of friends who clearly need her help finding love. In fact, Kamila is so busy with her friends’ love lives, she’s hardly given any thought to her own . . .

Fortunately, Kamila has Rohan Nasser. A longtime friend of the family, he’s hugely successful, with the deliciously lean, firm body of a rock climber. Only lately, Kamila’s “harmless flirting” with Rohan is making her insides do a little bhangra dance.

But between planning the local shelter’s puppy prom, throwing a huge work event, and proving to everyone that she’s got it all figured out, Kamila isn’t letting herself get distracted—until her secret nemesis returns to town with an eye for Rohan. Suddenly, it seems like the more Kamila tries to plan, the more things are starting to unravel—and her perfectly ordered life is about to be turned upside down.


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