Kissing Games by Stephanie London

Kissing Games
by Stefanie London
Pub Date – 3/21/22
Ryan Bower is back in his hometown staying with his parents while he recovers from an injury. He is a pitcher for a MLB team in Toronto, 6’5″ and very handsome. He comes home to be stuck in a house with his very frisky parents and no kid wants to overhear that no matter how old they are and how much you understand healthy relationships lol.

He stumbles on a romance novel that has the library branch and name after he overhears them mention the book as he sneaks past their door to leave. Going to confront this librarian he did not expect to find an adorable, lively, dinosaur print wearing young woman. After they have some words where they don’t back down. She dares him to read the book. Well this book is 🔥🔥🔥I really hope there’s a Chapter 21 that we can read cause what happens in that chapter lol.
Sloane Rickman has only been in town for a few years and doesn’t have any close friends her age. After her run in with Ryan and some Google searches she decides to try a list of how to make a friend on him (close proximity alert). She’s so adorable and it’s also sad since her mother’s job never stopped her family moving ever year she never had the chance to make a friend long term. So the ending of her parents relationship due to her mother’s demanding job is something she holds on to.

The chemistry between Ryan and Sloane once they started to work together for the Halloween parade was 🔥🔥. Buddy reading that spicy book may have added fuel to the fire.

But when things start to get serious will Sloane who’s finally found a place she can set down roots hold on or will she follow the guy that has the demanding job that might uproot her?

These two were so cute and hilarious! And there’s a pesky llama. The romance novel got all the older couples in the town all glowing and the kids blushing. The obligatory , well where do you think you came from, comments were made. Lol .

Totally recommend
💋Enemies to friends to lovers
🦙Close proximity
📚 Renacting romance scenes

❓ Do you watch sports or read romance?

Thank you entangledpub and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


The effervescent, quirky romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author Stefanie London…

Injured pro baseball player Ryan Bower has plenty of reasons for not sleeping. But thanks to a steamy romance novel that’s ignited the imaginations—and libidos—of pretty much everyone in Kissing Creek, Ryan’s kept awake by the sound of his parents. Having sex. Unforgivably gross. And Ryan is almost certain that the town’s adorably quirky and troublemaking librarian is responsible.

Sloane Rickman adores everything about her little town—with the exception of its very tall and infuriatingly sexy Golden Boy. Ryan Bower may be a ball-playing hottie, but where exactly does he get off telling her what books to recommend to her oddball little book club? Good thing he’s only in town for the fall.

Now Sloane and Ryan are stuck planning the main float for the town’s parade. But somewhere between arguments over paint colors and papier mâché flowers, their fights keep turning into red-hot kisses. And between Ryan’s demanding ball career and Sloane’s life in Kissing Creek, they face the biggest game of their lives…if they’re ready to play for keeps.


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