Broken Heir by Alison Aimes

When I saw this cover and saw alien mafia romance I didn’t know what to expect but I also wasn’t expecting this raw emotional story.

Two broken characters that have been abused in different ways that are immediately drawn towards eachother. Ok I love the fated mates and this species has an Alpha and Omega structure so these two scented eachother before they saw eachother. It’s like when you can feel something or someone is nearby.

Alexi as a naive young Alpha had been kidnapped and experimented on and pretty much left for dead. He now has a beast he can’t control other than with drugs or drink to numb it.

Kiera, the niece of the head Alpha, doesn’t have any gifts and is barren (Her prime Alpha told everyone before he died). Once again worthless in the patriarchal structure, females who can’t breed are worthless. She’s biding her time running an op under her uncle’s nose as he berates her and lobs very real threats at her. Why not use their ignorance against them since they assume Omegas are all just property with no brain. Ugh males are the worst. Well until she met Alexi.

Alexi is there to form an alliance by marrying an omega of their choosing; we will see how that goes. And he’s also there to find someone. Cause there’s been some kidnapping and smuggling of people happening from here and he needs to find this person.

No one person is ever too broken to live. Sometimes there is a person or a hobby or a meditation, a song out there to soothe and bring them back to their normal. We all deserve to live on this rock, not sure when we told eachother the parameters to how and why and what and started judging everything. Live for yourself, love for yourself, be for yourself. You only get 20-100 years don’t be an asshole. Add value to the universe.

Tw: PTSD, rape off page, mental and physical abuse

His beast seemed to be his PTSD and he didn’t like to be touched because of what had happened to him. Rape happens to all genders and can happen to anyone at any age.

You don’t have to read these stories in order but it says for maximum enjoyment you might want to. I should go back cause I love getting into all the characters and Alexis brothers were hilarious. I want to get on the other side of that earpiece and find out how some of them met their mates.


What is the one thing a sinner can’t allow?
But Keira Sartin is all that and more.

A walking, talking, wet dream, she calls to every cell in Alexi’s messed-up, rule-breaking soul.

Except she’s forbidden.
A distraction he can’t afford.

Not when his family is depending on him and redemption is finally within reach.
Not when his mission hinges on making no waves and fulfilling his duty.
Not when she’s the sister of his bride-to-be.

What’s the one thing a troublemaker can’t afford?
More trouble.
But Alexi Skolov is all that and more.
He’s beauty incarnate. Flesh and blood sin. Wild nights and dark pleasure.

He’s also up to no good. Which means he’s not for her.
Keira has her own objective to fulfill and he’ll only get in the way.
He’s also promised to her sister.

It should be easy for them both: just stay away.
But running from temptation is hard. Avoiding trouble even harder–and sometimes it catches up to you, leaving you…

Broken Heir: A Dark Fated-Mates Romance is the third book in the Ruthless Warlords series. It is a scorching HOT standalone, though it is recommended to read the series in order for greatest enjoyment.

Broken Heir also has no cheating and a HEA is guaranteed. Get ready for a steamy ride you won’t be able to put down.

Meet Alison Aimes

Alison Aimes is the award-winning author of the sizzling, dark mafia omegaverse Ruthless Warlords series as well as the steamy prison planet Condemned series. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two kids, dog and a serious stash of chocolate.

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