A Veil of Gods and Kings by Nicole Bailey


A Veil of Gods and Kings
Apollo Ascending, Book 1
by Nicole Bailey
Pub Date – 4/27/22
Apollo is half mortal and must ascend but is avoiding his responsibilities. His father Zeus tasks him with visiting Prince Hyacinth to learn to act more like him.

This is multiple POV between Apollo, Hyacinth and his sister Epiphany.

Epiphany is the other story running alongside Apollo and Hyacinths enemies to lovers, slow burn. As they don’t even realize both are attracted to each other since they are competition.

Epiphany will be presented to find a husband but she doesn’t want to marry a stranger and her long time friend looks more appealing but not good enough for a Princess.

Apollo’s sister Meti is a badass and can do just about anything like hit a mark with a knife from yards away, learn anything after a few tries, go save groups of people with an idea. You know the type. She’s also bringing Epiphany out of her shell. There is fat shaming for Epiphany’s curves and Meti is not here for it.

Read if you like:
✨ Reimagining of the Greek myth
✨ Slow burn NA
✨ Enemies to lovers

Thank you @victoryeditingngc and @netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

✨I drove to San Jose to go to lunch today which is like an hour or an hour and 15-30 in traffic. But I forgot we had a flex pass so I could drive in the express lane through all the traffic and it just charges me passed off how many people I toggle that is in the car. So I was super early and walked around downtown taking pictures with my kindle. I got weird looks lol or I am paranoid. Could be either.


A god fighting his fate. A prince burdened with secrets. And a romance that could end in flames.

Apollo is a deity… almost. Half mortal and refusing to take his position as god of the sun, he spends his nights drowning out haunting memories and his days avoiding responsibilities.

Until his father forces him into an ultimatum:

Ascend immediately.

Or spend the year mentoring under the obnoxious Prince Hyacinth.

Forced together, Apollo and Hyacinth grapple with their mutual disdain for each other.

But what starts as a kindling of irritation begins to burn into something new. A spark that, if it turns to flame, could incinerate everything they’ve always protected.

A reimagining of the Greek myth of Apollo and Prince Hyacinth, this NA, enemies-to-lovers fantasy series is a whirlwind journey full of romance, intrigue, and enthralling characters.


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