The Unplanned Life of Josie Hale by Stephanie Eding

The Unplanned Life of Josie Hale

by Stephanie Eding
Pub Date – 5/3/22
Here is the rest of our meal from the last post. These pizzas were amazing. If it were up to me I would add an egg to everything.

❓What is your favorite add-on request that isn’t on the menu? This is like secret menu bonus level meal.

Josie reconnects with her two high school besties when she returns home after her marriage ends and she finds out she’s pregnant. They make a corn dog pact to be in a better place and closer to their goals by their next birthday.

Oh man I love the found family trope. Considering the complicated family relationships these 3 had with theirs they needed eachother. With Josie trying to figure out how to be a single mom, her high school crush Ben who is divorced with joint custody of his daughter and their single friend Kevin who is guaranteed a place at his father’s successful business but he’s unlucky in relationships they are in such different places in their lives.

This brought up so many memories of NST, FMLA, all the appts, sonograms I didn’t have the smoothest pregnancies. Everything was fine but those tests were all false positives. Josie had to deal with all of this without a partner and one who was a dick also not a stable job. Ugh I wanted to punch her ex what a fhead (as my 4 yr old says- I didn’t teach her that but I agree)

Edit- I wasn’t quite all the way done when I wrote this and her birth story though my first was a month early and I never went into labor was similar to mine. So that brought back a lot of memories not all good cause that was majorly stressful. And the ex ended up being only slightly a dick so maybe just a slap in the face. Still mad at him though.

“If you’re looking for:

🍬Found family who always look out for you
🍬A second chance romance with your high school crush
🍬All the fried food that’ll take your mind off your troubles
🍬A chance to start over and do things your own way”

Thank you sourcebookscasa and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.



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