Harlem Sunset by Nekesa Afia

Harlem Sunset (A Harlem Renaissance Mystery #2)

by Nekesa Afia
Out Now!
The second in the series after Louise Lloyd helps solve a case of a murdered girl and some crazy stuff happens in the first book.

She’s getting her life back with a new job and her best friend who she lives with (girlfriend).

When they bump into an acquaintance from a long time ago while they are drinking then wake up to a murder.

To clear her and her girlfriends names she must solve the case. Having to deal with misogyny, racism and homophobia in the 20’s. But Louise is a very strong person and is not taking anyone’s shit.

A riveting Harlem Renaissance Mystery featuring Louise Lloyd, a young Black woman working in a hot new speakeasy when she gets caught up in a murder that hits too close to home..

Harlem, 1927. Twenty-seven-year-old Louise Lloyd has found the perfect job! She is the new manager of the Dove, a club owned by her close friend Rafael Moreno. There Louise meets Nora Davies, one of the girls she was kidnapped with a decade ago. The two women—along with Rafael and his sister, Louise’s girlfriend, Rosa Maria—spend the night at the Dove, drinking and talking. The next morning, Rosa Maria wakes up covered in blood, with no memory of the previous night. Nora is lying dead in the middle of the dance floor.

Louise knows Rosa Maria couldn’t have killed Nora, but the police have a hard time believing that no one can remember anything at all about what happened. When Louise and Rosa Maria return to their apartment after being questioned by the police, they find the word GUILTY written across the living room wall in paint that looks a lot like blood. Someone has gone to great lengths to frame and terrify Rosa Maria, and Louise will stop at nothing to clear the woman she loves.

❓ What did you do today? Today was my husband’s birthday and we had a little dinner for him and I got him treats from Nothing Bundt Cake.

🖼️Qusuquzah, une trés belle négresse 1 by Mickalene Thomas at SFMOMA

Omg I just stared at this portrait. The individual rhinestones in different colors was so mesmerizing.

Thank you berkleypub and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review!


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