The Moment We Met by Camille Baker

The Moment We Met

by Camille Baker
Out Yesterday!
And where is this Bathe in Chocolate shop? Does a soap and chocolate making shop exist cause it’s an amazing idea and I want to go there with my girls and live there. Ok that’s a lot.

Tiwanda is celebrating her 30th birthday by leaving her old job, starting her dream job and maybe looking for love. There is a dating app that is in a way a bit magical in the way that it answers its recipients. It sounds similar to those that you used to know. Now I would love to have an app that sounded like my Dad was communicating with me. He was definitely the one that was always trying to get me dating when I was single. My mom was and is no pressure, she just goes with the flow and will go shopping whenever, that is the fastest you will ever see her walk.

Tiwanda has some soulmate matches which she’s very skeptical about since she is not the dating type. Her parents’ love story was tragic and full of questions and drama and she just doesn’t know if she wants anything traditional or normal in that way. So finding someone of like minds is going to be tricky.

I always enjoy a good business plan being executed while trying to date. I loved that she was so sure of what she wanted in a partner but she still learned some things.

Also, her family issues sounded so unfair to little her that had no idea what to do in her grief hence creating a rift that didn’t have to be there. Once again grief hits everyone differently.

✨I feel like the last few books I read have lost one or both of their parents. Yes, that is 3 books in a row. That is so bizarre cause today is the 5 year anniversary of my Daddy leaving this world. We don’t mark this day because it hurts too much. We tend to celebrate his birthday at the end of the month with a steak dinner cause he always complained that we never did anything for his birthday.😂

❓Please tell me something happy that happened to you lately so my day doesn’t get too sad.

Thank you @lakeunionauthors and @netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


A meddling app says she’s about to meet her match, but which of the four possibilities is the one—and more importantly, is she ready for love? Find out in this novel about family, soul mates, and chasing dreams by the author of Have We Met?

Tiwanda Harris’s thirtieth birthday is a turning point. Gifted her late mother’s journal, Tiwanda is finally getting a glimpse of who her mother was as an adult. Shortly after, the budding entrepreneur receives a grant to jump-start a delicious business opportunity—and her sweet dreams don’t end there. Tiwanda’s been sent a dating app called Met that promises four matches, and among them, her soul mate. All Tiwanda has to do is tap “Yes”…

Though she’s doubtful about fitting romance into her life, the choices are hers. As the matches begin to surface, Tiwanda is surprised to find that maybe there is some future potential there after all. But which one could lead to real love? Only time will tell. That is, if she can find the time.

With her focus split between launching her career, helping heal old family rifts, maintaining friendships while building new ones, and also trying to open her heart to romantic love, chasing so many dreams is leaving Tiwanda breathless. But who knows? With destiny on her side, maybe there’s a chance all those dreams could come true.


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