From the Jump by Lacie Waldon

From the Jump

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by Lacie Waldon
Pub Date – 7/19/22
Out Tomorrow!
Friends who met in college. Who still hang out every third Thursday and go on yearly vacations. A very tight group.

Olivia Bakersfield is not of the same tax bracket as those friends and can’t go on vacations with them but this year she decided to quit her job (kind of) and go to South Africa with them.

Lucas Deiss is the laid back very attractive one in the group. Olivia’s always been attracted to him but has done nothing about it. This trip started some things in motion with them.

When Liv gets home so many things have happened that are just omg no that she has to spend more time with Deiss. Which isn’t a bad thing.

I just enjoyed Liv, Lucas, Phoebe, Mac and (even) Simones friend group. The forbidden friends to lovers romance. The slow burn trying not to give in cause of a pact to keep a friend group together. The holding a candle for years and not saying anything cause you valued the friendship and didn’t want to ruin anything. You scared me for a second there! 

❓ Do you have any long time friends?
I have a few still from elementary school and high school. 

Thank you putnambooks and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


A chronic yes-woman finally admits to what—and who—she really wants in this unforgettable and heartfelt romantic comedy, by the author of The Layover.

Liv Bakersfield is used to living her life in “shoulds.” Be fit. Be financially responsible. Be your best self. An overworked graphic designer, she’s stretched so thin that she’s about to miss yet another vacation with her beloved group of college friends. But when Liv finally decides to start saying no, it feels good…good enough to leap straight into quitting her job and hopping on a plane to join them in South Africa.

Amid the exotic landscape and unforgettable sights, Liv expects sun and safari animals and an easy time with her best friends. But such close proximity makes everything more complicated, especially with the emotionally unavailable Lucas Deiss. Their friendship is the only thing in her life that’s still solid, and she vows to do anything she can to keep the group together. But once they get back to L.A., Liv discovers that her leap of faith has become a freefall, sending her crashing into Deiss’s arms. With the trust of the people she loves most on the line, Liv must decide between doing what she should … and risking everything for what she shouldn’t want.


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