Rivalry at Play by Nadine Gonzalez

Rivalry at Play: A Flirty Rivals to Lovers Romance

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by Nadine Gonzalez
Pub Date: 7/26/22
This book is part of the Cattleman series. I loved the rivalry to lovers of this one! Alexa and Jackson or AJacks had been competing for the smartest and any other erudite award from kinder through high school.

When Alexa comes back to her hometown in Texas from Florida for a break from her high powered legal career (also having HR issues at work) she runs into Jackson at the event she attends. He had always had a thing for her and she just thought he was her main competition.

It was fun when she realized this attractive successful man has been and still is interested in her.

I need to check out the other books in this series. 

❓ What got you into reading?
Every night at dinner my Mom would be reading a @Harlequinbook when I was little. I saw her reading didn’t matter what and I wanted to read too. Since my Dad passed she hasn’t been reading but I’ve been trying to leave new books at her place lol.

Look at these shelves. There’s more I segmented and altered it into 4 pictures for fun.

She sent me pictures and I edited but wish I had time to take my new books to her shelves. Hopefully soon.

He was once the competition, but now that they’re all grown up, who will come out on top? Don’t miss this sizzling Texas Cattleman’s Club: Ranchers and Rivals novel by Nadine Gonzalez.

“It’s your move. Go ahead and finish me.” 

Attorney Alexandra Lattimore doesn’t play games, but entrepreneur Jackson Strom brings out her competitive side. Her former high school rival is all grown up—oozing class, challenging her and tempting her in equal measure. But she’s back home to deal with family business, not to revisit the past or get tangled up in messy emotions. Is a casual fling the best strategy? Maybe… Succumbing to Jackson’s physical appeal is one thing; revealing her secrets is another. But she knows he won’t be satisfied until he’s made her his queen…

Thank you harlequinbooks and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


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