Relentless by Katie Golding

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Relentless (Bad Reputation)

by Katie Golding
Pub Date – 8/2/22- Out Now!
This was an intense, sexy forbidden love. I just loved Mason he was the anti hero until he become the hero he needed to be for himself. It helped he had some motivation and the right partner to help him get there.
The motorcycle racing and bull riding was such an interesting mix and both worlds were interesting to see.
Loved the Italian found family and all they meant to eachother.
Chiara is such a beautiful name and she was a badass.
I still think she should’ve been paid for wedding planning.

❓ Do you enjoy found families? Do you have a favorite?


She’s always been untouchable. Forbidden. Off-limits.

Too bad I never did play by the rules.

I’ve spent my whole damn life making the wrong calls. Not that anyone ever notices—whether on the track or back home, I’m always in the shadow of my perfect big brother. But anonymity has its perks sometimes…like when the firmly off-limits ex of my biggest rival finally looks my way.

Chiara Martes. Gorgeous, smart, funny, legs just made to wrap around your waist and a smile that makes my heart race faster than anything.

She claims she’s just looking for some fun on the side, and I’m exactly the kind of man who can give it to her. But off-the-charts sexual chemistry (hooking up here, there, everywhere we won’t get caught…and some places we might) turns into unexpected feelings we’ve got to keep secret no matter the cost.

And somehow, before we know it, this desperate thing between us is threatening to destroy us all.

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