Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake by Mazey Eddings

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Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake: A Novel

Lizzie Blake’s Best Mistake
by Mazey Eddings
Pub Date – 9/6/22
I admit I listened in on the author chat with @lovearctually and @mazeyeddings while only 3% into the book. But I just love author chats. They add so much to the story for me so I may have spoiled some things but they never really are spoilers for me because it’s the journey for me not the destination.

OMG right out the gate Lizzie lost her roommate’s power bank and boy did I feel attacked cause I recently lost my husbands and he keeps asking me where it is. My brain keeps taking me to the wrong place. But in my house I am the finder and know where everything is unless it’s my own things. Why is that?

Lizzie has ADHD and has self soothed with random hookups to sate her need for physical contact and to keep her emotions distant. It really works for her until she meets a handsome man with an Aussie accent and things just go out of control. There is a certain amount of out of control one can handle but when too many things go up in the air the overwhelming feeling is suffocating and I personally implode and can’t do anything or migraine.

I loved this book for the representation of this beautiful character with her unique view and translation of the world. 

The wonderful male love interest though he had his flaws was so caring and wanted her because of what she thought everyone was turned off by. I’m lucky I found one cause I swear I did the same thing Lizzie did I never got a 2nd date until I found a guy that just listened to me and loved me for who I am even though I could talk about nothing and everything for hours.

Another important point was cutting toxic relationships and acknowledging them as toxic. There are some people that just will never be able to process certain people they think they can turn things off or just act normal. But there is no normal Claire!

I’m so excited for Indira’s story and the two YA books in the works!

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Lizzie has made endless mistakes. Kitchen fires, pyramid schemes, bangs (of the hair and human variety), you name it, she’s done it… and made a mess of it too. One mistake she’s never made is letting anyone get closer to her than a single hook-up. But after losing yet another bakery job due to her uncontrolled ADHD, she breaks her cardinal rule and has a two-night-stand that changes everything.

Once burned, twice shy, Rake has given up on relationships. And feelings. And any form of intimacy for that matter. Yet something about charming, chaotic Lizzie has him lowering his guard. For two nights, that is. Then it’s back home to Australia and far away from the pesky feelings Lizzie pulls from him. But when Lizzie tells him she’s got an unexpected bun in the oven, he’ll do whatever it takes to be a part of his child’s life… except be emotionally vulnerable, obviously. He’s never going to make that mistake again.

Through a series of mishaps, totally “platonic” single bed sharing, and an underground erotic baking scheme, Lizzie and Rake learn that even the biggest mistakes can have the most beautiful consequences.


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