The Boy with the Bookstore by Sarah Echavarre Smith

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The Boy with the Bookstore

The Boy with the Bookstore
by Sarah Echavarre Smith
Pub Date – 9/6/22
I just love bookstores and bakeries!

And a romance between owners of those two businesses sounds so perfect.

This is told in dual perspective which I love getting to hear both mcs thoughts. Since our male mc would get overwhelmed and not help them but internally you could figure him out.

There were so many family conflicts and tense relationships. But they are so adorable together.

They had some forced proximity when they were forced to share a business space which caused major stress on their friendship and caused some conflict. But after awhile they got close again.

The epilogue as usual was just the cutest.

Btw where can I get an Ube latte? I love everything ube!! 

❓If you had a bookstore how would you design it?
I would have a huge romance and fantasy section, a kids section with some type of playhouse. Some type of coffee/wine bar. 

Thank you berkleyromance and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

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