The Make-Up Test by Jenny L. Howe

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The Make-Up Test: A Novel

The Make-Up Test
by Jenny L. Howe
Pub Date – 9/13/22
This was such a sweet and sassy, enemies to lovers, second chance, workplace competition, slow burn romance.

Love the plus size rep I’m a curvy girl too. I hate the pear shape name too. #banfoodlabelsforpeople I think I fail at hashtags.

Her mmc is constantly competing for the spot she wants and making it all about him but will it be different from college now that they are in the same phD program.

Man, getting your heart broken, getting over it, then having to work near/with said person is impossible to either not catch feelings again or kill them. Which will she choose🤣

Tw: there is someone who should be providing unconditional love that is a horribly oblivious fatshamer. Like could care less about her feelings or her for that matter 

✨ Saw a comedian on my feed the other day that was saying “I’m fat and people usually whisper like aw but you’re beautiful. Yea I know I’m beautiful I didn’t say I was ugly!” When did fat become synonymous with ugly and unacceptable. ((Cough fashion industry))

We accept everyone’s differences as long as they are a certain size stfu. #moveonfromthattoxicity #toxicdump

âť“ Do you like covers with people or covers with designs?
I like both but love a good relationship set up.

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About the Book:
In this smart, swoony, rom-com debut from Jenny L. Howe The Make-Up Test, two college exes find themselves battling against each other—and their unresolved feelings—for a spot in a prestigious literature Ph.D. program.

Thank you stmartinspress and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

#themakeuptest #netgalley #stmartinspress #secondchanceromance #workplaceromance #phdromance #enemiestolovers


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