A Ghost in Shining Armor by Therese Beharrie

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A Ghost in Shining Armor

👻A Ghost in Shining Armor
by Therese Beharrie
Pub Date – 9/27/22
So many books are coming out tomorrow! Just trying to keep up. I’m a couple chapters in and loving the idea of a woman who can see ghosts and has been able to since she was a teen.. Now she has a ghost guide to help her with something difficult in her life.

Her guide is new to the undead and is def her type and he has to complete his task so he can go back to send a message.

But since Gemma acknowledged him all her friends can see him. So now a fake dating relationship with a ghost! Also, forced proximity because he needs to stay close by he’s on a time limit.

Love this cover!!

I enjoy ghosts and spirits when they aren’t being all evil and ruining people’s day. I like when it’s all cute and rom comy.

❓ Do you believe in ghosts or spirits?

Randomly selected Disney Villain Tarot Card (Totally fits!):

🃏II of Wands – You’re being presented with a decision. As this is a card of the suit, this decision involves travel, creativity, or ambition. II of Wands is a positive card, letting you know each option in front of you has its own merits. Whether you decide to take on a master wizard in a duel, explore the markets of Agrabah, or make a bargain with a sea witch, you’re sure you have a worthwhile adventure.

Thank you @kensingtonbooks and @netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

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