The Wicked Remain by Laura Pohl

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The Wicked Remain (The Grimrose Girls)

The Wicked Remain
(Grimrose Girls Book 2)
by Laura Pohl
Pub Date – 11/1/22
I enjoyed the first in this series with the students discovering the curse and the journey they went through albeit some were gruesome. Though this time as they are trying to break the curse. Their relationships are continuing as their stories are playing out. The romances between the characters are sweet and all the first love/crush type.

I love fairy tales though we get the Disney versions the original versions were pretty brutal especially to the females of the story. These girls all are well developed and very strong characters. Loved the representation within the LGBTQ. The multiple POV helps understand each of the girls motivations and know their secrets.

Definitely recommend if you like boarding schools, mysteries, fairytales and fighting to save your friends!

❓ Do you believe that all of our stories are already written or their are infinite endings depending on each minute decision?
The second one 

At Grimrose Académie, the fairy-tale deaths continue. And unless the curse is broken, one of the girls could be next.

Nani, Yuki, Ella, and Rory have discovered the truth about the curse that’s left a trail of dead bodies at Grimrose. But the four still know nothing of its origins, or how to stop the cycle of doomed fates.

And each girl harbors her own secret. One is learning why she was brought to the school. One struggles to keep her new and deadly power under control. One knows exactly how much time she has left.

And one, trying to escape her dark destiny, will come even closer to fulfilling it.

Can the girls change their own stories and break the curse? Or must one of them die to end it forever?

Thank you sourcebooksfire and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


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