Frost Falls at the Potting Shed by Jenny Kane

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Frost Falls at the Potting Shed

Frost Falls at The Potting Shed
by Jenny Kane
This is a cover that I haven’t seen much of on bookstagram. This was such a bittersweet heartwarming book. Though I could see my sister and myself in Sabi and Maddie’s relationship. They could not see eye to eye on how to continue their fathers legacy and business after he passed. Luckily my sister and I do not work together but she did work with my Dad. And although they worked together everyday I was somehow closer to him on a personal level.
There was definitely a yucky feeling coming from the corporate lawyer who was offering to buy the business and property. But through that Maddie got closer to her solicitor who she had a lot in common with and I seriously would love to go on a welly walk or join a Dark skies group. hmm hey google… There’s so much light pollution from the nearby cities that it’s hard to get pitch black enough to view the stars in all their glory. I would have to drive out to the country.
I will admit though Sabi’s ambition to be with the posh wives group started to get to me. She wouldn’t budge an inch and she just seemed really selfish forcing her sister into something she didn’t want. I am glad when they finally saw eye to eye and realized that inside their grief was a lot of hurt feelings.
Jake and Petra’s workplace romance was so sweet! A very unlikely pair per societies standards but not theirs.

❓Do you have any siblings? And do you get along with them?

It has always been Maddie Willand’s dream to take over her father’s plant nursery. But after his sudden death, she is devastated to discover that she might lose The Potting Shed forever.

Maddie’s bossy older sister, Sabi, is joint owner of the nursery, and she’s convinced that the best thing for both of them would be to sell up. Determined to keep the business going, Maddie can’t afford any distractions, but staying focused might be harder than she thinks when – after a major garden centre chain puts in an offer – her search for legal advice throws her into the path of attractive lawyer Ed…

Thank you ariafiction and netgalley for the e-ARC for the honest and voluntary review.


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