The Fall of Souls by R. A. Moreau

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The Fall of Souls
by R. A. Moreau
Pub Date – 12/19/22
I absolutely adore Egyptian mythology! I also love this cover. Loved the world building, the Gods and other characters!
The story follows Onia and Ra. Ra has come to bring her back to the Hall to take her mother’s place. The chemistry and slow burn between them is 🔥. Ra is a jackal and Onia finds out she is more important than she realized. Though she’s thrust into dangerous court politics and tested.
This has such great pacing for me and love the storytelling style.

❓ Is there any mythology or lore you are interested in retelling?

Thank you netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.

About the book:
This reimagined storytelling of Nubian gods and goddesses is a one-of-a-kind adult fantasy romance filled with passion, secrets, and betrayal.

After Onia loses the only family she has ever known, she gives up on understanding her life’s mysteries, like why her mother abandoned her or why her kan can read the spirits of those around her. But when a handsome man, whose wild spirit calls to her, rescues her from the demons hellbent on dragging her to the Pit, Onia must leave her mortal life behind to uncover the truth of her heavenly heritage.

Ra was the perfect guardian – disciplined, composed, obedient – until one ill-fated night caused him to falter. Now, tasked with the security of the only living heir to the Hall, the judgment place of all souls, Ra sees his chance to remedy his mistakes. But when he meets the woman meant to become the next Empress, his spirit decides she’s more than just his duty, and he vows to protect her against all odds, even if it means giving her up.

Thrust into the lethal politics of the divine and the shadowed secrets of the Hall; Onia fights to claim her birthright before the cycle of rebirth collapses. Though, she soon realizes that some souls can’t be saved.


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