Lucy Checks In by Dee Ernst

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Lucy Checks In: A Novel

Lucy Checks In
by Dee Ernst
This was one of our swim days in the last weeks of summer. Wish I could’ve floated ina pool today after a foggy summer we finally have heat not that school has started.
Love that the mc Lucy is late 40s having to start over after she gets pulled into a scandal that she was cleared from but that didn’t translate to being hired.

She’s now in France thinking she’s going to help a hotel get up to date but it’s very out of date. Excited to renovate this old European hotel and meet the cute artist.

❓Have you ever renovated or painted your home?
We’ve had issues with plumbing and had to live without a bathroom for a week, luckily we have 2 but the kids have taken over that one😂

Dee Ernst’s Lucy Checks In is a delightful work of romantic comedy about a disgraced hotel manager who travels to Rennes to rebuild a hotel and her own life in the process.

Lucia Giannetti needs a fresh start. Once the hotel manager of a glamorous NYC hotel and intimately involved with the hotel’s owner, Lucy had her entire future planned out. But when the owner disappears, taking millions of dollars with him, Lucy’s life as she knows it falls apart.

Two years later, forty-nine years old and unemployed, Lucy takes a job in Rennes, France to manage the Hotel Paradis. She pictures fur quilts and extravagant chandeliers, but what she finds is wildly different. Lucy is now in charge of turning the run-down, but charming hotel into a bustling tourist attraction. Between painting rooms, building a website, and getting to know Bing, the irritatingly attractive artist, Lucy finds an unexpected home. But can she succeed in bringing the Hotel Paradis to its former glory?

Witty and heartfelt, Lucy Checks In is an inspiring and feel-good novel about reclaiming your life, finding love, and creating a home in places you never thought possible.

Thank you stmartinspress and netgalley for the e-ARC for my honest and voluntary review.


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