Shattered Kingdom


Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Gandrett is such a robust character she is always a warrior but you get to watch her through the many disguises she is forced to wear.  And her internal monologue is hilarious!! 
She has so many handsome men to choose from.  She is so different from the ladies in court since she did not grow up in court that they are, of course, intrigued by her.  I was rooting for every guy that was interested in her.  I still don’t know which one that I want her to be with but pretty sure her oath forbids it.  But a girl can dream! 
I did not see the bad guy coming at all.  And I love that in a story.  It is fun to guess how the story will twist and turn and be completely surprised.  The bad guy is a nasty piece of work too. 
There were lots of nuggets throughout that were joined at the end cohesively that you went OH!
I enjoyed this journey with Gandrett and would like to see her again in Sives or Neredyn.

Thank you for the ARC copy for an honest review!


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