How to They/ Them



Release date: September 29, 2020

An engaging, entertaining and educational resource on how to use pronouns and why it’s important to be conscious of asking. 

This book contains so many useful abbreviations, terms definitions and graphics for those cis allies out there. The term gender fluid sounds so beautiful to me whenever I hear it. I just visualize an ocean wave of every shade of blue ebbing and flowing where the beach never looks the same way twice. No two people are the same or feel the same in their skin, nor should they have to.

I will read anything that will help me to become a more understanding human to other humans experiences. I especially loved the references to other cultures histories this is not new. I’ve been fascinated by two-spirit if anyone has any books please recommend.  I will have to read into the others listed in this book. 

Sexuality didn’t used to be so rigid and confined. As always it’s ruled and constrained by politics and religion. 

I’ve read others reviews and noticed the gender reveal comment. This is a weird practice and I feel has more to do with baby registries, nursery decorations and gifts than the future of the baby. With our first I asked for all gender neutral because we were having two and I didn’t want to have to buy more clothes in case the 2nd was the other gender. My answer while I was pregnant when anyone asked what I wanted a boy or girl “doesn’t matter as long as they are healthy!” 

“And I’m here to tell you that, sometimes, it is healthiest to cut people off if they won’t change their behavior. My only tip? Do this with a lot of heart. Because it can be rough.”

I feel this advice can be said for many reasons..


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