The House at Mermaid’s Cove



This book is set in WWII Cornwall England. We discover Alice on a shore having survived a blast on the ship that she was returning from Africa to Dublin in a mission trip. This tragic event she used to her advantage since she had been a nun and no longer wanted to live in the service. Listening to her stories I wouldn’t think anyone would want to live that way.  At least in the convent she was in at the time. She was rescued by a man who was walking along the beach. He tended to her injuries and helped her recover. Over the course of a few months she helped out at the estate, then was asked to help with more important work for the war. 

The details and plans that were outlined in this work was very daring. In the authors note you read that she interviewed and researched the history all along that area in Cornwall so that there is a lot of factual WWII stories interlaced into it this story as well as a mix of factual places. I really enjoyed Alice’s story. 

The longing felt in this story in a time of great despair and distress was conflicting. Lives had to go on despite a raging war happening over the channel. Romance and love and children were still happening even with bombs dropping so close by. It all sounds so terrifying.

“My emotions seemed to have come alive the way seeds do when rain comes . Pale stalks of desire sprang up from the desert place where I had buried them.” 
I adore these kinds of quotes. 

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