Left-Handed Booksellers of London ARC

Release Date: September 22, 2020

A non-stop adventure through London and the English countryside.  Encounters with so many different types of magical beings trying to capture Susan.  Who is Susan? Why is she so important?  Also, who are the booksellers, left handed and right handed? How far does their influence and protection lie?

This book is so detailed in its imagery you get to follow Susan and Merlin through each new challenge to discover clues as to who wants to capture Susan and who is really after her.

I was intrigued by Merlin and his twin sister and how he could disguise himself as male or female asking Susan which she preferred. It was very interesting listening to their banter as they got to know each other and came to rely on one another. Eventually not wanting to be parted even though Merlin seemed to be the type not to be serious in a relationship but near death experiences can change someone’s outlook on those things.

I loved the references to the childrens writers that they are a dangerous bunch lol.  Who sometimes would incorporate keys to myths or uncover ways to release something that should stay imprisoned “stories aren’t always merely stories, you know.”

I recommend for those who love quests and journeys, with a bit of romance, zombies,  swords and big guns, very fashionable attire with changes of clothes and whimsy. 


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