His & Hers

“Tell a person they’re wrong, and they’ll cover their ears. Tell a person they’re right, and they’ll listen to you all day long.”

Like the most used quote for this book everyone’s experiences of an event will differ based off how they see and experience it. That’s why witnesses may not see the same thing. The story may be different told from different people.

High school is a difficult few years of hierarchies, peer pressure, judgements, teasing, bullying and torment which is the worst of it.  It’s like a quarantine for the most cruel years of our lives before they are thrust into the real world with the rest of us, not knowing anything about actual reality. 

This group of mean girls were each horrible in their own ways. Who knows what caused their horribleness neglect, abuse, learned behavior passed down. They each interacted with the main character as if they were teaching her valuable lessons in how to be a woman. 

I love when you think you know the story and who the characters are based off what you’ve learned then you get flashbacks of events that happened that change your mind. 

There were so many motivations for every character. So many traumatic events that you could believe that each of them could’ve broken and done these acts.

The murderer was quite a surprise to me. And I love when I didn’t know. Also got chills a few times.  I think I said ooh I knew it was them three times. I’m definitely gullible and prone to suggestion. I’d make a horrible witness. 

I recommend for those who love twisted and twisty psychological thrillers but pay close attention to the details. 

I listened to it and found the format of going between Jack and Anna enjoyable and the characters, I don’t feel particularly sorry for, maybe for the last victim and the children they all left behind. 

P.S.I may home school my girls forever so they don’t fall prey to girls like these. Blech I think I was victim to vanilla versions that didn’t treat me that horribly but I still was introduced to things I wouldn’t have found on my own.  

Trigger warning: abuse (sexual, physical, drug, alcohol, animal)

#hisandhers #netgalley #psychologicalthriller


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