The Hazel Wood


🎧Book Review ~
Most nursery rhymes, children’s songs and fairytales tend to lean towards the creepy or scary. 
I’m not a scary story person like La Llarona, Boogie Man, Baba Yaga…  I would never sleep again if you told me that at bedtime to get me to stay in bed lol. I’m one of those people that believe if you know the real name of the being you can summon it. So please don’t tell me the name! I also have poor impulse control 🤣
Alice and her mother are nomads moving from place to place skirting bad luck for years with no real reason. Until Alice thinks they have found a place to stay and then her mother gets taken. With the help of a school friend, Finch, who has heard of Alice’s grandmother, (who Alice has never met). She’s famous for writing a fairytale book. 
The unique stories that didn’t have rules or reasons that she just were, were fascinating.  Haven’t you ever wanted to save a character from the neverending merry go round which is their existence. Just imagining their life on repeat every time their story is told again and again.
But these stories of the Hinterland can’t be found and have been basically scrubbed from existence. 
Beware of what stories you tell and what horrors you unleash by creating doors into your own world…..

I recommend for those who like creepy folktales, mystery, and fantasy planes of existence. 
I have Night Country coming in a @katiesbookconnection order and kind of intrigued that there’s a Tales of the Hinterland book coming out next year. 朗
Artwork done by Brooklyn and Lexi


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