The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea


Book Review~
The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea ARC
Release Date – August 25, 2020 Net Galley

Maeve is the youngest unmarried sister of five Embraced women on the Isle of Moon.  All of them grew up in a convent as sisters but are not blood related as we find out Maeve’s parentage in this book. 

All of her sister’s had Embraced gifts and were married to Kings on different islands.  [I have not read the other books and didn’t feel lost due to this, which is great. But I also want to hear the other couples love stories now so will have to add them to my TBR]

She starts her story being worried about a shifter named Brody who is always there during the full moon when she shifts with her Embraced gift as a Selkie but he’s been missing for 2 months.  He’s been away on a secret mission for King Leo.  When she finds him you feel their chemistry immediately.  He is cursed to animal form but for 2 hours a day when he can be in his human form.  So his adoration for Maeve is expressed in surly annoyance to try to get her to avoid him but she is too drawn to him. But he also can’t hide his adoration of her and she knows it. 

She forces her way into trouble, gets abducted, finds her parents, finds an Embraced Army, makes a lot of new friends, finds some new powers and might get some other types of actions (wink wink).

I liked the two romances in this book.  Both male characters didn’t think they were good enough for the females.  It was rather sweet and the ladies had to shake them a little to make them see reason.  I would say that Maeve and Brody weren’t necessarily a slow burn but I don’t know what they may have been doing in other books lol.

I recommend for those who like fantasy adventure, intrigue and romance.

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