Ink & Sigil


Book Review~Ink & Sigil ARC

Release Date – August 25, 2020 Aloysius MacBharrais (great name!) is a Sigil agent with a battle seer as a CMA office manager named Nadia. You will have to read about her and her bad assery.  Too much to go into in a review but wizard van and cheese fondue.  

We open on Al discovering his apprentice dead from a raisin scone (I take offense I like raisin pastries) and he uncovers a bunch of illegal dealings that were going on behind his back. In the process of finding out who was in charge we go on a grand adventure full of ghost dogs, tricky hobgoblins, bean sidhes, and many other creatures including Americans!

Also, I want to add Al who is in his 60’s btw seems like hes a good boss and person. Not many men that age would be cool with a wizard van. 

I would love some of these sigils! They are used for all sorts of purposes like gaining strength, healing, agility, etc. I would just like some put in an envelope maybe the Sigil of restful sleep for my 6 yo who keeps me up every night. 

I love Irish, Scottish and English lore centered around Druid and Fae story telling.  And the recipes of inks and sigils and magical whimsical elements. I want to go hunt ingredients and meet interesting characters. 

I loved that the writing was in the accents they spoke. It helped me try to test out my linguistics and speech patterns in Scottish, I’m still shite but that’s fine.
I haven’t read the other Druid Chronicles books and this is the start of a new series. I didn’t feel lost or like I needed to catch up.

I recommend for those that love fantasy, fae, adventure, intrigue, and cool guys. 


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