An adorable romcom about a paleontologist! Can you tell from the cover? Super cute cover, sorry Calliope I used the word cute, shit.

Calliope is a no nonsense scientist who is on track for her dream job. Pursuing a career in a male driven field she’s not apologetic or at least working on it with her word choice and language. She finds herself in awkward situation after awkward situation but handles it with grace. I find her so refreshing, zany and inspiring as a romantic lead character. I felt like I’ve had deja vu with the tmi conversations. I know I had those conversations with my husband when we started dating. I guess we are lucky we found guys that liked us lol. 

She finds herself in a non typical meet cute on the first day of her internship at a natural history museum in Philadelphia.  Enter Ralph “Alf” an astronomer also working at the museum who have instant snarky chemistry.  Listening to an author chat with Erin Mallon I like that she chose a regular name for the lead. The name Ralph has a pretty unfortunate slang use. And she originally didn’t want to give him descriptors so that you could fill in the blank with your perfect guy but that got thrown out in editing but love that idea. It’s interesting like choose your own hero lol. 

During the course of her internship, prepping a huge unveiling of a new dinosaur discovery, planning a gala, starting a relationship, accidentally doing shrooms (we’ve all done it!), having awkward sex jokes made by your parents, meeting new friends Mabel and Otto we get to experience Calliope in all her glory.  

Will she get the position after the internship and the guy or will she ef it up? 

Love Bug releasing November 2020 which is the story of Mabel who befriends Calliope and the kids lovingly named her the Bug Lady. Can’t wait to read her story and get in her head.


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