Gilded Wolves

“He never used the word “steal.”
“Take what the world owes you by any means necessary, ” Pride had said.
“The world had a shit memory. It will never part it’s sent unless you force it’s hand.” 

Interesting way to live your life.  I love treasure hunting though this is a bit different. As a outcast noble man attempts to become patriarch of his house again after it was unfairly stripped from him. He’s in search of what was stolen from him.

Séverin and his fascinating group of misfits all specialists in their field work to obtain some artifacts in late 1800 Paris amidst the opening of the Exposition Universelle. 

Ok I am such a nerd for history, mathematical equations, riddles, puzzles, relics, artifacts,  gadgets being weaved into adventures. This story did it for me!

And of course the attraction of romances that can’t be are always fun to root for. 

I didn’t mean to wait so long to read it (ok I’ve had this book since June it’s technically not that long for me). But I do have the ARC for Silvered Serpents burning a hole in my kindle. 

And here I jump back into chilly Russia.

PS (personal story): I’ve been obsessed with ancient Egyptian everything since I can remember. I used to pretend to be a Egyptian Queen when I was 5. Past life regression? That’d be fascinating. Does anyone know how those work?! But I really can’t get enough of anything with Egyptian historical stories. Plus they are a bit of a mystery the ancient Egyptians. What other books should I read? 

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