The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life

Have you ever had a big goal that you felt was attainable and you decided that one more extracurricular would look great for that goal/application?  But then everything starts to go wrong despite your best intentions and hardwork.  

As if high school isn’t hard enough as a transition period in your life.  But add in navigating relationships, feelings, schoolwork, studying, friendships, influencing teachers to vote for you as valedictorian and produce a school play.

We get to watch Allison co-produce a Midsummer Night’s Dream and what she thinks will be an easy addition to her application is proving to be so much more work when the other co-producer falls back leaving her in charge.

I always wanted to be in a school play but was too intimidated by our theater group, they were amazing. Getting a backstage look at productions is always fun for me, I did get into a couple of productions eventually outside of school. I was more on the jock path and those two departments weren’t lenient with eachother.

I enjoyed this coming of age story of friends making mistakes, putting their foot in their mouths, flirting awkwardly, first crushes, first dates in the midst of pressure of high school of coming out and being out fully. 

Thank you @daniannejansen @_secondstory and @netgalley for the ARC for an honest review!

We had fun staging this one. Brooklyn loves adding rainbow  flair to anything.


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