The Silvered Serpents


Q: What is your favorite season? A: Mine would be Fall into Winter because of all the holidays. Living in the Bay Area a lot of our heat is in October. I’m crossing my fingers for some type of Halloween. 
The Silvered Serpents ARC Roshani Chokshi Wednesday Books September 22, 2020 __________________________________
Book Review~ The Silvered Serpents is the sequel to The Gilded Wolves. I enjoyed this chilly adventure into 19th century Russia in search of an ancient artifact that will grant them the power of God. The Fallen House though not as in your face in this book is laying in wait for them to find the key to the treasure. As usual the villain waiting for the good guys to do all the work, (ugh they are the dead weight in the school group project).

The relationships of all of the team form and shift and change throughout as they are constantly trying to find their place. Since the death of Tristan, Séverin has been colder, different and distant. Making decisions on behalf of everyone for his benefit to further his purpose. He was a bit of an ass up until the end when he kind of snapped out of it, is it too late to salvage the relationships he had left? Grief is a living thing it’s hard to process death or know how to live without an important person or to live with those that survived. 

I loved all the new ice gadgets and ice creatures in this book. There was lots more of the history, love stories, mythology, equations, and mystery that I loved from the first book. It was different than the first since their team is now working in a way with the Order not behind their backs. Now I seem to not have the best attachment to ice and the specific torture that was used, I mean who would be, no one really. I was worried just about them falling in and getting trapped under ice but there were so many other dangers to come. And that torture ugh I have two daughters my daily nightmare the only good thing about the SIP is that I don’t have to worry about abduction.Shout out to Zofia, I love her and how her mind works! I’d love her to have her own book! ❤️

Thank you @wednesdaybooks, @stmartinspress and @netgalley for the ARC for my honest review. 

Did an unexpected buddy read with my best bookstabff @theprofreads ☺️

PS Nick Cage is the muse we all didn’t ask for! 🤣

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